Monday, November 28, 2005

Sony BMG and the Rest - Not Hearing the Electronic Music

I haven't written much about this Sony BMG mess before talking to Lucas van Grinsven, but here's Piotrek's take on it. He'll be posting his entries to this blog soon.

I wonder when music companies will finally understand that piracy only highlights the shortcomings of their current model of distribution. In fact people are forced to get pirated stuff. Take me, for instance. Since I bought my mp3 player this year, I've been trying to get songs legally. At least in Poland it just wont fly. Some sites sell music legally, but their stuff is either really old or you are effectively asked to pay more than at the store.

So Sony and the likes are failing their customers twofold. First, they are not even trying to respond to demand, which, as Apple shows, is huge. Second, they, or at least Sony, are alienating their consumers. Nobody who is sane enough and got his PC messed up by that weird Sony technology would buy anything from that company again. How long can you keep on shooting yourself in the foot before you collapse?

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