Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Europe's Struggles Against Terrorism Continue

Tony Blair lost his fight to give UK police more tools in the fight against terrorism. Allowing police to keep suspects for as long as 90 days without charging them is no easy matter and should certainly be used only in the most dire situations. But for now, Britain will extend the limit to 28 days from the previous 14 days.
This is another example of the Europeans struggling with their approach to terrorism at their own doorsteps. I remember in Holland earlier this year several terrorist suspects, one with maps of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport and government buildings, were found not guilty of preparing for a terrorist attacks. I'm afraid European police and its prosecutors continue to have their hands tied and it may take another bloody attack or two to change that. I won't even mention the inability of the EU to come up with a real continent-wide approach.
I admire Blair for taking on his own party once again, but how many more times can he do this before a Thatcher-like rebellion within the Labour ranks? Is Gordon Brown packed and ready to move next door to 10 Downing Street?

BBC News: Blair defeated over terror laws

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