Thursday, November 24, 2005

Day to Give Thanks!

Today is Thanksgiving, the great American holiday. Even though I lived abroad for a while, I had been lucky over the last few years to still be able to spend this holiday with my family in Connecticut. This year I am here in Chicago, studying ahead of exams (well, at least pretending to), so for the first time in quite some time I won't be with the family. I miss them.

We have embraced this holiday exactly because it celebrates the family. And every year I am thankful for all of them: my hardworking parents who have sacrificed so much for their children and my wonderful sisters who are full of beautiful goodness and mean so much to me. (yes, including my Sis Nicole who asked to be mentioned in the blog).

I am , of course, also grateful for the rest of my family and friends, whom I was privileged to meet along the way -- U.S., Poland, Holland and everywhere else. They include many great new friends in Chicago and even one back in Poland (You all know who you are!) I am lucky to have such wonderful friends. Thank you.

OK, enough cheesiness. Back to the books...


Kasia said...

We love you too Krzysiu! Lots of hugs from your fiend in Warsaw. happy Thanksgiving.

Vadim Makarenko said...

I missed this holiday as usual... ;-) Thank you for warm words, Chris! I'm happy to have such a friend.