Monday, March 06, 2006

WSJ: Hungry AT&T Could Help Vodafone

So WSJ's Heard on the Street dials in (sorry) with their take on Vodafone's hand after the announcement of the AT&T/BellSouth deal. The Journal thinks Vodafone will now be able to extract a bigger price for its stake in Verizon Wireless from Verizon. Clear enough, especially since Vodafone is also in talks to sell its loss-making Japanese unit. But despite the shareholder pressure I still have a tough time thinking that Vodafone (market cap $128 billion), the top cellphone company in the world by revenue, would back away from the world's largest market. Any private equity firms out there willing to partner up and grab Verizon (market cap $99 bln)? I know, quite a stretch, but still...

WSJ suggests Vodafone could instead buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. But the Germans had recently said they're not big on selling anymore.

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