Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tom Bans South Park: Part II

Tom Cruise again flexes his muscle in his galactic battle with South Park. The media is unsurprisingly playing up this one, but there's little mention of the fact that Cruise has already scored one by blocking the broadcast of the infinitely funny "Trapped in the Closet" episode outside the U.S. (as mentioned on this blog). Scary, but the cult wins again on this one. But even though Isaac Hayes is leaving the cast, the Chef shall return, at least in the new episode this week...

And for all you budding lawyers out there, here's an interesting column on whether Tom could win a lawsuit against South Park creators. The nuts at the Scientology church have often used lawsuits as intimation tools in the past, so I'm a little surprised Tom has not decided to sue here.

PS. Sorry, little late with this post, but I was out in sunny Costa Rica for a while. ;)

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