Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kwasniewski to Teach at Georgetown

Interesting news at my Alma Mater. Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski will start teaching classes at Georgetown University this Spring. Georgetown has attracted some of the biggest names in Polish politics in the recent past, including current head of the central bank Leszek Balcerowicz when I was still a student there. The university was also a home to Polish WWII hero Jan Karski.

Unfortunately I won't be heading to DC until Fall. And who knows where Kwasniewski will be then.


beatroot said...

Of course, the comment many are manking here is that an ex-commie is going to be teaching a catholic university! Shock, horror!!!

Piotr said...

He would teach all those georgetown frat boys how to REALLY drink ;)

F.O.P.P. said...

I am also a graduate of Jesuit University but the one in New York - Fordham Law School. If Alex Kwasniewski ever came to my Alma Mater to teach I would be the first one to express my protest. There are nearly 40 million people in Poland and and there are many legitimate scholars and great politicians. Kwasniewski is NOT ONE of them. People behind the Kwasniewski’s promotion will be very sorry one day. E-mail me at for details about the anti-Kwasniewski movement in the United States.

Darius G. Michalski, JD, LL.M.
FOPP Volunteer
Member of IPA

Chris Borowski said...

While Kwasniewski is no scholar (and last time I checked he didn't even finish college), I disagree with you. Having a former Polish president, especially one who seved two terms and played a part in Poland joining the EU and NATO, as a lecturer is quite prestigious. I praise Georgetown for snapping up Kwasniewski, even if I often disagree with him politically. I would love to sit in on a lecture or two.

F.O.P.P. said...

Some info regarding Kwasniewski and his corrupted cronies (not necessarily commies) who immigrated to the United States and destroy morally and financially Polonia organizations. It's not about politics or even power. It's a matter of human dignity and decency.
I have evidence that Kwasniewski allegedly knew about some very tragic schemes his cronies concocted. They were brining dying Polish children (of brain tumors) to the United States. They were raising funds to be later confiscated. Victims of several Polish families contacted us already and after I reported it personally to General Consulate in NY which in turn reported it to MSZ I was put on the so "called black list". Ironically I was the first non-Communist lawyer-apprentice from Poland working pro bono at the Polish General Consulate during 1989-1990 for Lech Walesa's government. Interestingly enough, I was physically assaulted recently in the Consulate by the Deputy Consul Marek Skulimowski (he is already 6 years in NY) who during Kwasniewski's "democratic regime of corruption" was a key figure participating in the alleged cover up of the "Children Hope Fund Scandal" we uncovered. All details of that unprecedented scandal can be viewed at
I agree with you Chris on one thing that it would be interesting to hear what Alex Kwasniewski had to say if he was a genuine figure. But I’m afraid it's all gimmick. Just like the last academic stunt with Leszek Miller in 2005. And just like Lepper is playing right now poor Polish people. It's a classic from the "Moscow School of Deception" (MSD) a/k/a Moscow School of Diplomacy.

If you interested what other encounters I had with Kwasniewski and his cronies back here in New York let me know.
Good luck with your blog! Derek