Tuesday, January 24, 2006

PR People a Waste of Journalist's Time?

Here's a thought-provoking interview with Jack Shafer, a caustic media critic at Slate. I particularly enjoyed his opinion about PR people:

I have found, with only rare exceptions, that PR officers are impediments to journalism. They are the people who man the barricades, who salt the earth before you can get to it to plant your story... They're time-wasters, hall monitors.

I'm not sure if PR people are thaaat bad, but I have also wondered why some of these folks call themselves "spokespersons" if they hardly say anything of use. Not sure if the regular "no comment" you get out of them complies with the definition. Most of the time they just repeat what you can read in the press release. But there are those rare gems out there who are willing to speak to journalists, be honest and even open. I love them.

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