Sunday, January 08, 2006

Financial Times Brings Down Polish Finance Minister?

The infamous interview with the Financial Times from a couple months ago seems to have caught up with Teresa Lubinska, who has resigned her post as Poland's finance minister. She was replaced with a former leader of the opposition Civic Platform party Zyta Gilowska (a bit of an unfortunate name).

This blog had talked about Lubinska's FT comments, which included an attack against the biggest British investor in Poland and a call for a BIGGER budget deficit. Good riddance. But I wonder where a minority government is going when it appoints a former leader of an opposition party that had walked away from coalition talks last year. The rightist government has already seen a replacement of another key minister, this time at the treasury, who quit last week over an article in the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita about some questionable financial contacts.

Key budget vote is scheduled for mid-January and then we'll get a better indication whether this government will survive.

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