Thursday, January 26, 2006

English Politician 'Plays' an Idiot on TV

If you're searching for the dumbest politician out there, look no further than British member of the parliament George Galloway. The man just spent three weeks locked up on the British version of reality show Big Brother, where he 1) danced in a red leotard, 2) lapped imaginary milk from a saucer like a cat, 3) did a terrible Elvis impersonation and 4) pissed off pretty much every other pseudo-celebrity in the house, not to mention most of Britain. All this while taking his salary from the British government. Can you imagine any U.S. politician pulling off a stunt like this???

He finally got booted off. A day earlier, conservative tabloid The Sun released a video of Galloway, who bashed Bush and Blair over the war in Iraq, chilling with Uday Hussein back in 1999. To be fair, I should also point out that on Thursday Court of Appeal upheld Galloway's $270,000 libel victory over the Daily Telegraph. But Galloway still faces the possibility of a UK fraud investigation looking into the Iraq oil-for-food corruption scandal.

I wish this disgrace of a man would stay locked up much longer. Go away, please...

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L-train said...

If the worst thing that US politicians did while taking a government salary was dance around in red leotards, I'd accept that and give 'em a raise.