Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Self Defense in Defense Mode

It says a lot when a female member of the Self-Defense defends her male peers by joking that she has been in the party for years and nobody, unfortunately, has molested her. But the statements, made by parliamentarian Danuta Hojarska, only underline the level of civility of this leftist, backward party.

And here's what another Self-Defense member accused of harassing another woman said of the accuser: "Even if we were the only two human beings left on an island and the future of the human race depended on us, I would let the human race die out." (Krzysztof Filipek)

One only hopes that the sex scandal that broke this week will bury this abomination of the Polish political system.

I again ask what I ask when Self-Defense first became a part of the ruling coalition. Is this a party that deserves to be represented in any government?

Maybe Borat is looking for a party to join???

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