Saturday, December 09, 2006

Poland's Sex Scandal Fizzling Out?

All the articles, all the chest beating, all the blogging. Now it turns out that one leaders of Self Defense is not the father of his accuser's child. So, the main accusations against Stanislaw Lyzwinski turn out to be false, casting a shadow on other statements by Aneta Krawczyk.

I thought Krawczyk was a credible witness
, but it seems I was wrong. As with many others, her accusations played right into the stereotypes of Self Defense, which I am certainly no fan of. So I thought they are likely true, especially since I had heard in the past of similar practices in other parties.

Still, it is important to note that the child was only part, even if the main part, of wider charges and other women have come out to say that Lyzwinski and others expected sex for jobs. Nonetheless, the air is out of this scandal.

Now the next step. Self Defense goes after the self-righteous press, all too willing to accept uncollaborated charges against a party they desperate want to go away. This will not be pretty.


rwerp said...

But did Aneta Krawczyk say that at the period when the child was conceived, she hadn't been sleeping with any other men? No.

beatroot said...

And one of them appears to be Andrzej. Or not. But you wouldn;t believe that this was 'fizzling out' if you were watching tvn24 right now. Politicians screaming at each other. Krawczyk's lawyer screaming at politicians.

It all puts Gazeta Wyborcza in a difficult position. And of course, Teraz My is right in the middle of it as usual...

Chris Borowski said...

Perhaps it may be difficult for Krawczyk to get a court to force any more tests? I don't know. And, of course, this mess is far from over. I just meant that maybe the Krawczyk/sex part will move away from the spotlight, leaving room for a nasty mud wrestling match: Self Defense v. the Press.

And there's no tvn24 where I'm staing tonight... :(

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