Sunday, November 05, 2006

Profile of Vanity

My favorite Polish blogger, beatroot, has a nice piece about PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski banning photographers from taking photos of his profile. Wow, this will definitely improve Kaczynski's image.
No need to do any significant policy changes. No need to try to be less hostile. No need to concentrate on running the country. Just make sure you're photographed from the front. I love how simple it is to improve things in the Duck Republic.

But wait, what will happen next time Kaczynski is shaking the hand of a foreign leader? I guess we'll need an over-the-shoulder shot or something. But then, since the Kaczynski twins are such experts at alienating foreigners (not to mention a large part of the Polish population), maybe this won't be such a problem.


Now, it seems, Kaczynski and Co. are backing away from the ban on photographers, saying it was just a one time deal. So we'll continue to see the ugly ducking from all sides. Here are a bunch of Kaczynski profile photos on Interia (courtesy of my dad, a Kaczynski supporter).

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