Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daily Mail Invents "Polish Borat"

Not that the Daily Mail is a fan of Polish immigrants, but the British rag hits a new low with its ridiculous story on "Polish Borat." The paper could have found any idiot who gropes women and makes up ridiculous excuses for it, but for clearly political reasons it chose to write an elaborate story about a Polish one.

You have to be an idiot yourself to believe that in a civilized country, which is now a member of the EU, would allow anybody to grab women's breasts and other body parts because it is simply"cultural naughtiness." The guy is on the verge of being a rapist, people! It's got nothing to do with his nationality.

If you're going to use stereotypes to further some xenophobic agenda, at least stick to real ones. This creep is no Borat. That's an over-the-top satire. Just like this BS article. A satire of a real news story.

Check out these clearly made up quotes:

A neighbour said: "He has been living here for about a year or so. I didn't realise his grasp of the differences between Britain and Poland was so poor. You could say he is the Polish Borat."

Another added: "Truth really is stranger than fiction. Who'd have thought a real-life Borat was living here in Weymouth?"

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beatroot said...

I have updated that story and brought the whole connection between Borat and Poles out here...