Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come to Poland. Bring Your Teeth.

See, so Poland maybe not that bad, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. You might save hundreds of pounds and avoid long waiting lines if you want to get your teeth fixed! Just hop on Easyjet and come on over. Or maybe just ask your new Polish neighbor if he does teeth.

Of course, I must warn you that not all Polish dentists are top of the line. My mom, who will not be happy I am posting this, had her teeth done last time she was in Poland and that didn't work out too well.

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Sylwia said...

Dublin, Ireland. Well... a friend of mine went to a dentist a couple weeks ago. 150 Euro for a mere check up and then prices start from 100 Euro for a filling....As this wouldn't be enough, they told her the best they could have done was to extract it ... She panicked and left. She had it consulted and done in Poland. The tooth is doing great... Cost 50 Euro for a ticket and 40 Euro for a filling....