Monday, July 31, 2006

Poland in Need of Good PR

Gazeta Wyborcza is reporting that Polish government will soon hire a PR specialist to take care of Poland's image abroad (link in Polish). It's true, there's been a wave of critical media coverage of the Duck Republic in foreign press lately. But I'm not quite sure just a new PR post will take care of that. And we're not talking just public relations here. The Kaczynski twins are in need of a full blown crisis management team to deal with all of their recent gaffes.

First recommendation: stop blaming everybody else, especially the national media, for creating the mess. Take the blame and loosen up. Drop the witch hunt against a German newspaper. Dress up as a potato to show you can take a joke. Or maybe not.


mikhail8 said...

Chris I thought that your idea that the Kaczynski Boys should dress up as two potatos was wonderful. Easily would create a billion zlotys of good feeeling, and not just in Poland.

copydude said...

I find your recent comments very interesting. I have just blogged about the problems between Poland and its immediate neighbours, with dire consequences for the region around Elblag. It is such a shame to see this area, where I have spent many wonderful holidays, going south. I have linked to your comments at:

Paradise Lost