Saturday, July 29, 2006

Poland, Dangerous for Foreign Correspondents?

Here's something to be proud of. Poland is now regularly featured on the web site of Reporters Without Borders, an organization that monitors abuses against news folks around the world. Now, the group reports, some foreign correspondents in Poland are becoming potential targets. After the scuffle over the Potato comments against President Kaczynski, it looks like the right wing Nasz Dziennik has published the names of 16 German correspondents in Poland (This is in Polish. I'm not a reader of Nasz Dziennik, so I missed the original article earlier this month). The paper also tells its readers to "get to know these names." How about getting to know press freedom? And how about not harassing foreign correspondents?

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beatroot said...

All journalists , not just foreign ones, are getting a bit twitchy. Especially those in broadcasting media. The new broadcasting council is stuffed with PiS, LPR, Samoobrona or they are getting new bosses with similar political ties. And the paranoid nature of this government makes them instinctivly dislike free speech.