Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New York Times on Religion in Polish Politics

The New York Times is running a quite long, well researched article on the growing strength of the Roman Catholic church and just general small vilage conservatism that has taken hold atop the Polish government. Now, I think it misses some nuances when it comes to religion because Radio Maryja is not exactly main stream, but the general point is quite on.

This article is an interesting contrast to the front page review in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, which discusses a new book about the persecution of Jews in Poland after WWII.


mikhail8 said...

I caught both of those articles too, quite amazingly divergent slices of religious history and its implications today. It seems almost, may I say sinful, to dispute the relevance of these old/new stories. But the big questions now are: how and where should the Religious fit into the new Polish PiS government; and, as for that distant past, the Jewish-Polish past,how to attone ?

mikhail8 said...

Surprised Chris that nobody wants to "talk" about what constructive role the Church can play in the new government; and how to approach Poland's sometimes tortured history with what 15-20% of it's ancient population, the Polish Jews. Maybe this is an instance where the Church Fathers could be very helpful; I'm sure that John Paul II would have hoped for that.