Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars and Secret Police

Not surprisingly, the Oscar for the best foreign flick went to Lives of Others, a movie portraying the obsession of the Stasi, East Germany's secret police, to spy on its own people.

I highly recommend the movie. I especially enjoyed it because I am fascinated by the how the old communist systems tried to control its citizens and how people reacted to the authoritarian state. One of the most successful movies on this topic was Krzysztof Kieslowski's Przypadek (Blind Chance) which showed three variations of a life depending on how a seemingly banal event took place. In each variation the main character becomes a communist, a member of the opposition, or a passive citizen.

Anyway, Lives of Others did make me appreciate a little more the hate felt by many towards the proponents and tools of the old systems. Even I can remember my mother being taken in for questioning to the police (milicja) headquarters when my father remained in West Germany after the martial law was declared. And I feel deep disgust towards people who actively supported that awful system.

So, I can almost understand why the Kaczynski brothers are so obsessed with rooting out any remnants of communism from public life. Almost, because this drive to vengeance has hurt a lot of innocent people or those who were simply forced to cooperate. It has prevented the current government from dealing with more pressing issues, such as the flight of young Poles. And the Kaczynskis are bent on creating their own system where loyalty is rewarded above all else. Nothing like the oppression of the old system, but too close for comfort.

As for the Oscars, The Departed got the best movie. I liked it, but I prefer the Chinese original.

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beatroot said...

I have seen innocent people hurt by this too. There are some bastards still having a nice little time but PiS guys don’t take a chisel and chip em out, they take a blunderbuss – collateral damage is wide. Even some blue-on-blue. I know one guy who got demoted cause he was working in a state run place during martial law. That’s all they had. Thing was, he was the only PiS voter in the section, and catholic with 300 children…

Another thing you would expect them to do is go after the people who obviously did well…they seem to spend lots of effort weeding out people in minor positions that can’t really affect anything, and are certainly no threat to anyone know.

I reckon a lot of the government feel like they were left out of it all, felt humiliated, and a lot of this is revenge, pure and simple.

Teraz kurwa my!!!!