Monday, February 20, 2006

Poland to Iran: No 'Research' to Back Holocaust Denials

When I see things like this I am proud to be Polish. Poland's foreign minister says the country would never allow Iranian "researchers" to "examine" the scale of the mass murder of Jews and other victims of the German Nazis on Polish soil during WWII. To give the slightest legitimacy to pseudo historians denying the Holocaust and the unprecedented destructions of human beings in Nazi death camps would be a crime in itself.

One of the most moving and painful experiences of my life was walking through deaths factory in Auschwitz. The wooden shacks, the collapsed gas room. It is beyond any understanding that just 60 or so years ago human beings were capable of such evil. And so I'm enraged that there are people out there who want to downplay the Nazi atrocities. Did the Nazis kill six million Jews or was it five and a half? I think you're missing the point.

Oh, and believe it or not, part of my tuition is supporting one of these Holocaust deniers right here at Northwestern. The university did condemn the comments and I appreciate the fact that the man should not be fired for views not related to his job. But it is still shocking that anybody educated could make these comments especially here in my own backyard.

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