Thursday, February 23, 2006

Getting Lost in the Tech "Support" Jungle

New York Times' tech reporter David Pogue wrote a piece laced with sarcasm about trying to get tech support at Dell. I also had some serious problems with those guys after I bought a Pocket PC from Dell a year ago. Tons of calls, little result. Dell says they get awards for tech support and I always wonder how that could possibly be. My friend Vadim Makarenko even recounted my troubles in an article in a Polish daily on outsourcing to India. Believe me, Tom, Dick and Jane on the phone are chatting with you from Bangalore.

Just like Pogue, I have resisted buying Dell equipment ever since, even though Northwestern Law was offering a discount on their laptops. And I'm glad about that. My Thinkpad's fan recently got annoyingly loud. I placed one call, and the next business day a super nice female techie from IBM showed up at my door to install a new one. Not bad.

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