Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not Enough Pierogi Eaters in Chicago

Polish Outlook pointed me in the direction of this Bloomberg article. It tries to show that fewer Poles are heading to the U.S., especially Chicago, to get illegal jobs because they can find legal ones in western Europe. Not a far stretch to see the rational for this, although the mostly anecdotal evidence in the article doesn't prove very convincing.

One indication: fewer people eat pierogi at the Czerwone Jabluszko restaurant. Having eaten there once with the fam, I must say a more likely reason is that they're not very good...

Ultimately, it's not too easy to count illegal immigrants because most often they, surprisingly, don't want to be counted. I'll withhold my judgment on this one, even though I wouldn't be surprised if there were fewer Poles in Chicago, or Green Point in New York, or other spots around the U.S.

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Director said...

Polish Television broadcast a piece assembled by its reporter in the US which piece discussed Poles leaving America. The reporter talked with people in New York and Chicago.

Polish Television also reported that PolAmer was seeing Poles leave America. It was PolAmer that said that 40% of the tickets are one way out of America.

Keep watching the Outlook. We have generally been ahead of the news curve and once again we probably are on this one.