Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Firefox not that safe?

I count myself among the biggest fans of firefox, but was a little disturbed to hear that it may not be as safe as our legions have hoped (my article on The Seattle Times Tech Tracks blog).

By the way, if, like me, you would rather smash your head through the computer monitor before using IE 6.0, but can't get it installed on a locked up computer system, check out the 'portable' version.


Katherine said...

Fixed in a day -- that doesn't seem too vulnerable to me!

I like your new picture. Super-hot.


Chris Borowski said...

Of course, firefox isn't TOO vulnerable, especially since Microsoft takes much longer to patch holes. But the point is that firefox users should keep in mind that mozilla does have holes.

This is especially true when you start putting in extensions. For example, there was a big problem with the greasemonkey script extension, which was later fixed.

And, as I mention in the Seattle Times posting, Apple lovers should also beware. Safari is also not super safe.