Sunday, June 11, 2006

New York Times Notices Polish Government

The New York Times is running a knee-jerk reaction editorial on Poland today, complaining about its "bigoted" government. It goes through a list of complaints which makes me think that the paper has not looked at Poland for quite a while. It's basic premise is that the government is homophobic, but also suggests is anti-Semitic and just all around awful. Close, but this laundry list of problems goes nearly over the top in its bell tolling.

The NYT often helps to set the political tone in the U.S., even if the Bush administration is not exactly full of fans of the paper. So, don't be surprised if politicians start to complain about the situation in Poland any day now.


mikhail8 said...

Dear Chris,
As the new Search for Comunists in Government Law is about to fly, what do you think about the Twin's quest to investigate the past in Poland? How far should it go? Do you think the conversion to Capitalism gave too much away, financially, to the ex-Comunists, and left many of them in positions of power? When I visited Silesia, I heard for example that most of the TV network news was slanted in favor of the election of Donald Tusk; and that in fact his party PO was a refuge for some of the Communist-turn -Capitalists. Is this too much of a conspiracy theory or was there a little of that Russian-like "conversion" of Communists to Capitalist Oligarchs in Poland after 1990?

Chris Borowski said...

Interesting question. I wish I had the answer. The whole country is grappling wih it. Hey, the whole post-communist Europe had to deal with this. Should Poland go the German way and get it all out? See, I am afraid that the secret police documents are so unreliable, that they should not be trusted as the final proof to take away jobs, destroy lives.

As for the charges against PO. Well, that's nothing new. Similar charges were thrown against PO's predecessor, Unia Wolnosci. There were even uglier things said about both. Are there fomer communists in PO? Probably. But it has been nearly two decades since the fall of communism. Shouldn't we move on and start having real political debates about the future? "He used to be a communist" is just too simple of an argument.