Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exams Done, Paper to Go

Well, I have finished my exams. Wait, wait, I'm still not done with my second semester at law school. There's still a paper I have to turn in in a couple of days. So, there's some more pain on the horizon before some rest. You'd think I would enjoy writing these things because I am a journalist. But no, papers just don't provide much joy. And on top of it, I don't get paid for them and instead I go into further debt as the days go by.

This semester was certainly less rough than the first one. I had a better schedule, less demanding classes (Civil Procedure was a killer in the Fall, even though the prof was great). And when you kind of settle in and see that it's not going to be all roses so might as well accept in and enjoy life a little by coming out from behin the books does helps. This time around I took my exams spaced closer together, so it was basically: exam-study day-exam-study day... And this time I figured that last day of studying is not going to make a huge difference, so get a good outline or two and just go over the stuff that you hopefully learned in large part during the semester.

Some people out there still stress quite a bit. My fellow Northwestern blogger at Thrown for a Loop has made some interesting entries over the exam period, sometimes seeming to reach the edge of sanity. But we're all a little on the crazy side out here. I have been out in "the real world" for quite a while before coming back to school and thought I could deal with the pressure. And I have, in large part, but the stress does get to you. My sleeping hours are all out of whack (writing this after 3AM, after all) and I'm a little jumpy, perhaps because I'm drinking even more Diet Pepsi and Coke than usual. And on top of this I've been having some difficult times with a good friend, which hasn't helped.

But I'm almost finished. Now let's get this Entertainment Law done before Thursday afternoon.

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